February 2, 2014

Causes of the Revolutionary War ~ A Simulation

Tomorrow we will begin my favorite social studies unit - Causes of the American Revolution.

This topic is taught as a simulation. Students become colonists! Some are even governors or members of the Sons of Liberty!

* Each student becomes a member of one of the 13 colonies, led by a "governor" - a student appointed by Queen Northrup.
* Each colonist/student starts with $10.25 in play money
* All colonists are required to pay taxes levied by the British Parliament
* Sugar, Stamp, Townshend, and Tea Act taxes are paid to me, Queen Northrup. Taxes range from 5 cents for a pack of ketchup at lunch (Sugar Act) to 75 cents for any art supplies (Townshend Act)
* We study events as they happen including the Boston Massacre. Students complete a timeline as we go:

* A teacher colleague plays the role of Samuel Adams and organizes a clandestine group of revolutionary students, The Sons of Liberty, who write petitions and sow rebellion.
* Colonists must be careful because the Patriots are listening for anyone that might commit treason
* The simulation culminates when student representatives from each colony argue positions as Patriot, Neutralist, or Loyalist and participate in the 2nd Continental Congress.

Each evening students write about their experiences in a Colonial Journal. We follow-up the simulation with a look at major battles in the American Revolutionary War.

This 3 week unit is a fun change-of-pace for the students and I.

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