January 22, 2015

Mystery Skype is Getting Even Better

I love Mystery Skype! My first post about it, Engaging Every Student with Mystery Skype, is super popular. It's still a good representation of how Mystery Skype works, why to bother doing it, and how to organize the students/tasks.

This year I have been really working on incorporating reflection. After our first Mystery Skype of the year, we identified a few things that we did well, and several to improve.

Before our second Skype last week, we reviewed these goals and made changes. Our favorite change was to have the entire class use choral response answer the questions we needed to research.

Photos by student photographer, Trevor:

Apparently, the students really enjoy the reflection process because they had no problem coming up with things to improve for next time! My favorite thing is that with both Skypes, my students are finding things that the other class is doing that they want to incorporate. Learning from others, yay!

~ Amanda

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