Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm so grateful for your visit to this blog! I'm currently a fifth grade teacher in the mountains of North Carolina. In my personal life, I have a beagle named Lucy who is perhaps a bit too human. We also recently adopted a Mastiff/Labrador puppy named Boomer who was rescued from a dumpster at 6 weeks old.

One of my favorite things about teaching is the opportunity to constantly reflect on and improve what my students and I are doing. I love that no lesson or activity is ever done in exactly the same way twice.

I blog about the things that get me excited, the things I try that work, the things I try that don't work (you know how that is!), and whatever I might be wondering or thinking about.

My guiding belief is that classrooms should be places where students experience Confidence, Competence, and Enjoyment (preferably all at the same time!).

Wanna know more? I suggest starting with these posts. They really represent what teaching and learning look like in my classroom:
My goal is to develop an online environment for sharing ideas, thoughts, concerns, and inspiration. I'm not here just to hear myself talk or get up on a soapbox - so share your thinking, ask some questions, leave some comments -

Let's get a conversation going! :)