September 1, 2011

Start Home-School Communication with a WOW

Earlier this week (on the 8th day of school), I invited the families of my students to my classroom for an evening Family Orientation. During the orientation we discuss curriculum, homework procedures and expectations, behavior policy, field trips, and family involvement. I love this event because it allows me to get to know families early. It also helps them have a better understanding about what we're doing, why we're doing it, and what is expected of the students. This simple evening gets our year started on a positive, collaborative note.

This year, I created magnetic business cards to pass out at Family Orientation:
Initially I hesitated to include my cell phone number on the magnet. What if I get calls all day and night? What if a student texts me? But ultimately I decided that it's better to trust my students and their families to be responsible phone users. If there are problems, I will handle them, but the pros of providing my cell phone number seem to really outweigh the potential cons.

You can see I also included a QR code on my card. I used  to create the code because I love all the functions they offer for free.

When I passed out the magnets ("Now I'll only be a refrigerator away!") the positive response from parents was immediate and obviously positive. Everyone was clearly excited about the prospect of being able to easily and immediately communicate with the person who sees their child at least as much as they do.

I used Vistaprint to design and order my magnets. They cost about $1.00 apiece - a bit pricey, but they're totally worth it -


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