November 16, 2013

Celebrating This Week

Ruth Ayres at RuthAyresWrites has started a new Saturday tradition called Celebrate This Week. To participate, simply write up a post of things you are celebrating this week and share it in the link-up on her blog.
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This was a really hard week for us. In June our twins, Ezra and Caroline, passed away before being born. We were nearly 5 months along. I have never experienced such tragedy. It hurts every day. This week was their due date. I expected it to hurt. And it did.

Yet there are still things to celebrate this week...
1. My partner and I are still together and stronger than ever, even though we have been through so much heartache

2. Lucy loves to snuggle. She keeps us strong and makes us laugh

3. This week I started reading The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. How have I not read this book? What a powerful story. And somehow, this seems to be the perfect week for it.

4. Ridiculous reader's theater performances. On Thursday I was really struggling. My heart was hurting. I just wanted to curl up in bed and cry. But I had agreed to perform a reader's theater of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs for the families of K-3rd graders. I got to wear a police officer's hat. Without meaning to, I found myself having a ridiculously good time. I needed that.

~ Amanda


  1. Oh Amanda,
    You have huge strength coming through in this post. And your celebration of the wonderful things you have shows the power of and the type of support we humans need--partners, animals and books. Not to mention the power of being silly and having fun.

    1. Julieanne,
      Thank you for your kind response. When you summarize it that way, it's so clear how right you are - companionship, stories, and laughter are terrific balms.