February 15, 2012

Student-Made Video + Math Free-Time = Fun + Learning

Students LOVE making movies. So, I included a video-making prompt in this quarter's Math Free-Time goal choices. In spirit of Math Free-Time, they had free range to use any format and topic they wanted. From the management perspective, each group had no more than three 45-minute sessions to play, rehearse, and record. They used flipcams.

Here are the first two final videos. I find their divergent styles to be really interesting and indicative of the value of creative freedom in the classroom.

This one is based on the Maths Mansion videos. My students love these!

This one took the prompt quite literally when it said, "Make a video teaching someone about a math topic."

Student-created videos are chock full of fun and learning. A great combination!

~ Amanda

Update 2/19 - I just can't resist sharing this! Another student finished a video and it's great! Check out Maniac Math: How To Do Partial Division

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