February 11, 2012

The Writing Resource File - An Essential Tool

How do I write a recipe? What does a brochure look like? How do I write an interview or news article? 

When I decided to incorporate weekly creative writing through Writing Bingo I DID NOT want to have to answer all those questions. I don't know about you, but I have better things to do than explaining what a brochure should look like. 

Enter (drumroll please).... The Writing Resource File.
Now my students don't have to ask me these format questions. Instead I could use my time engaged in conversations with students about the quality of their writing. Now I have very few conversations about what a book review should include, and many more about each student's growth as thinkers, learners, and writers.

To make the Writing Resource File I simply looked at the Writing Bingo board for the quarter and noted any genres that might be confusing or new for students. For first quarter these genres were rules for a game, websites, directions to somewhere, invitations, skits, interviews, newspaper articles, cartoon strips, and book reviews. You can view and download my Writing Bingo boards below :)

Then I scoured the Internet and my own print resources to find at least 3 examples of each genre. I made file folders for each genre and put them all in a tub.

Now when my students aren't sure how to format their writing, they simply grab a folder from the Writing Resource File. This system enables student independence and frees me up to teach. 
~ LOVE IT!! ~

~ Amanda

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