January 16, 2013

Let's Read for Fun!

Last week I was working on math after school with one of my students when he said, "I just wish we could read all afternoon!" Just like that -
What if we did just sit and read all afternoon? Let's do it! Starting in just 1.5 weeks, I will be hosting our school's first after school reading club. Students will bring a book of their choice and read for an hour or so.

What we will NOT do:
* Read a required book
* Answer comprehension questions
* Do projects

What we WILL do:
* Read
* Eat cookies
* Drink hot chocolate

It's going to be great. My students are super psyched and I can't wait!

~ Amanda

Update 1/28/2013 - Read about our first club meeting: Reading + Snacks = FUN!

Update 3/11/2013 - Read about a record-setting meeting of the club: Page Turners Blows Me Away

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