May 7, 2013

Promoting Summer Reading

I've been racking my brain coming up with ways to promote summer reading. I didn't want anything with an incentive... because reading shouldn't be about incentives. This year I'm trying two approaches ~

Summer Vacation Postcards
This idea comes from David Etkin (@mre_tweet). You can read about it in his post, Summer Vacation is for Reading. Each student will get a stamped postcard with my home address on it. They are encouraged to send them back to me when complete. I hope I hear from lots of my students over the summer!

Teacher Reading Basket
This idea comes from sixth grade teacher Brian Devine (@thedevineone). He put all his summer books in a basket on his desk. Essentially screaming out, "Look! I reading this summer! Are you?" I will probably read 30-50 books this summer so putting them all in one basket would be massive, plus I don't want summer reading to seem overwhelming. I decided to just go with the books I'll be reading in June.
The basket is chillin on my desk. A few students have already commented that they look "SO GOOD!" I am using this basket to mention the value of a TBR list as much as possible. 

Yay for summer reading!

~ Amanda

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