December 20, 2013

Picture Learning: Mystery Skype

Today was our second Mystery Skype of the year. A Mystery Skype is where two classes contact one another via Skype, then go back and forth asking yes-or-no geography related questions to ultimately guess one another's location. For instance, "Are you in North America? Does your state border an ocean?" I've blogged about Engaging Every Student with Mystery Skype and how we organize the activity.

In today's Skype, we worked with Mrs. Scissons's class in Saskatchewan, Canada. My first international Skype!! We were impressed by how mature her class was, even though we had a hard time keeping track of all the various tasks involved in Mystery Skyping. Don't worry - we'll get better! Reflecting and improving is part of the learning here.

One student was assigned to be the Reporter during our Mystery Skype. She took photographs and made notes about areas of strength and things to improve. Her photos (throughout this post) illustrate the awesome variety of learning happening.

I just love the engagement level of this activity, and of course the geography, technology, and cultural learning too! It was especially cool to talk with them briefly about a major difference there (climate) and for one of my students to feel validated about his favorite sport (hockey).

Thanks so much to Mrs. Scissons (@MrsScissons) and her class!!

~ Amanda


  1. Thanks again! We really enjoyed it too! Your students brought a new aspect of applying our knowledge of longitude! Great way to narrow the place down. Your students did a terrific job!

    1. Thanks! We were most impressed by how mature and prepared your class was. It was our first time searching for a specific school. That was a real challenge!