August 5, 2014

Technology Smackdown - 9 Ways to Use Tech

Last week I conducted a fun 2-day workshop for 34 educators called Conquering Grade 5 Mathematics. After lunch one day we had a Technology Smackdown. Each of 9 brave participants had 3 minutes to share a website, app, device, or strategy with the group.

It's been a few days since then, but I will try to remember the wonderful resources shared:

1. Math Doodles - A math game app that asks students to solve problems that are both challenging and fun. These logic puzzles can be easily altered by Easy or Hard, Solve or Race, or even the style of number displayed (dice, words, digits, fractions, etc..)

2. Flocabulary - A video-based vocabulary website. Each set of vocabulary words, math strategies, science concepts, or other content is set to an animated pseudo-rap song.

3. Moby Max - An adaptive practice website for language arts and math.

4. Discovery Ed - Not just streaming videos anymore. Some cool multimedia to supplement lessons, plus now you can set up student accounts.

5. Futaba - A terrific game for up to 4 players. Especially powerful for vocabulary and math fact fluency.

6. Valerie Faulkner Math Club - The terrific website of a local math-ed professor. Val Faulkner's site offers some great lesson ideas, activities, and support videos. We especially like the Bean Party for division with fractions.

7. ShowMe - A simple whiteboard app with a much more user-friendly web component than Educreations.

8. Plickers - So so so cool! Free student response system and all you need is 1 teacher iPad. Watch the video and you will be amazed. Prepare to download!

9. Oh geez - I'm missing one! If you were there and remember which tool I forgot, please let me know!

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