June 20, 2015

Big Ol' Changes

I've been at the same school and lived in the same small city for the last TWELVE years.

Now all that is changing. And I'm feeling a bit like this:

I mean I know that theoretically changing schools and cities will be good for me. But also, I really really really really love the school I'm at... or was at... But I'm moving 4 hours away to be close to my parents. Which means leaving the school I love and the city I love and starting fresh.

So - I'm kind of very nervous about the whole thing.

But there are some great potentials in the next adventure for me.

My new classroom is:
1. A multiage class with half 4th graders and half 5th graders
2. A team-teaching environment where my classroom can be merged with the neighbor's via a moveable "wall"
3. A team approach where we don't see us as 4 separate classes of 22 students, but as a group of 88 students and 4 teachers
4. Lots of targeted flexibility to meet student needs
5. A service-learning, integrated, project-based approach to content areas
6. My first chance to really and truly use standards-based grading

Basically, we're going for:

In short, I have a lot to learn. Coming from a "My Classroom is My Kingdom" environment to a "We're Making This Happen Together" environment is going to be a great learning opportunity for me. I look forward to exploring all the pros and cons, and experiencing all the adventures. But, MAN am I NERVOUS!

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