January 19, 2015

Quick Update

Rather than feeling guilty for not posting for two-ish months, I thought I'd drop a quick update for you. Do you remember back in November 2013, when I let you know that we had had a miscarriage at 5 months?

Well, terribly enough it happened again over Thanksgiving 2014. I looked back at my posts and realized that there was a 3 month hiatus after the last miscarriage, so missing 2 months isn't so bad. We've been focusing on healing and grieving. I've learned that this stuff really sucks, and it's made worse by how few people talk about it. So, I'm here to say - Miscarriage Sucks.
This isn't me, but it totally captures the feeling

Teaching and Blogging Note:
My class DID do an awesome Mystery Skype last week. The photos are sitting on my camera, begging to be turned into a slide show - so you can look forward to that.

Also, this week we will be voting on our Top Ten Favorite books for the first semester. I'm looking forward to comparing this year's list with the one from last year.

In summary - I have two posts planned for this week! That's a comeback, friends!

~ Amanda

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